Can Fireplace Doors Stand the Test of Time?

Fireplace doors are an important aspect of any home’s fireplace and it doesn’t matter what kind of material was used. Of course, safety comes first and having a fireplace door is a lot like having a barrier between yourself and your fireplace. After all, you wouldn’t to have burn related accidents right? When it comes to the way it looks, there are a plethora of styles available for your choosing and you can opt to get a ready made one at your local home supply store or have one custom made according to your taste. Whichever route you choose to go, there would always be a style that would satisfy the most discerning of palettes and one that would go well with any home. The thing is, you would want your fireplace doors to blend in with the current design of your home and fit its aesthetic. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy thing to do.

Of course, one would require their fireplace doors to perfectly match the aesthetic of their home and compliment the current decorations, right? Fortunately for us, this can be done quite easily. As for finishes, there’s a wide variety of available finishes for fireplace doors.

To achieve this kind of door finish, manufactures would utilize electricity as a kind of sealant to help fortify and strengthen the painting process. As mentioned above, this would result in a significantly stronger and higher quality finish when pitted against the techniques that were used a few years ago. But before a door receives this kind of treatment, there are other steps that it has to go through. The first of which would be the stage wherein manufacturers would take grounded particles of pigment as well as resin and apply an electric charge to it. These particles would then be electrically charged and subsequently stick together.

This electrically charged mixture of pigment and resin would then be sprayed onto the prepared fireplace doors which would be placed in an oven afterwards to aid the coating when it comes to smoothing the frame out. As you can see, there are plenty of steps involved in the manufacturing of one door. So it’s no surprise that these doors are as durable and of high quality as they Best Fireplace TV Stand.

There is quite a bit of work that goes into the creation of a single door so you could just imagine the thought process that went into it and the quality of the product itself.But what makes powder coat finished doors a better choice compared to other type of finishes? Well, for starters, when you get powder coat finished doors for your fireplace; you are actually getting for yourself a far more resilient door which is not prone to scratching, chipping as well as rust.

But why should you choose a powder coat finished door over others? This is because the benefits are numerous. They are the best choice because they would last longer as they are more durable and resistant to damages such as rusting, chipping and scratching. They are also eco friendly because there is no solvent involved in making them. So, where can you get these types of fireplace doors? You can find them at the local home depot, fireplace specialty stores as well as online. But before you go out and buy one, keep in mind to take the proper measurements for your fireplace. Otherwise, you could end up with a beautiful fireplace door that is ill fitting.

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